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5th Grade Outdoor Adventure
Education Program

Each year we serve 450 5th Grade students in five Idaho counties. Students spend 3 days and 2 nights at our Big Lost campus.  Students participate in STEAM-based curriculum, outdoor adventure, team building, primitive skills, trust walks, mindfulness, movement, campfires and healthy meals.

5th Grade Outdoor Education Program

Explorer Program

This after-school enrichment outdoor adventure program begins in 2nd grade and aims to cultivate children's understanding of animals, and plants and the significance of environmental stewardship and conservation. Designed to evolve alongside the students, the program continues through 4th. Participants will acquire not only developmental skills and cooperation but also a profound sense of respect for themselves, others, and the surrounding environment.

Outdoor Hispanic Leaders

OHL (Outdoor Hispanic Leadership) is a free after-school program for Hispanic youth in Hailey, Idaho. It provides weekly adventures, leadership skills, and academic support. Students have reported feeling more confident and capable.

Mountain Adventure Tours