We have a true passion for adventure.


Idaho Base Camp is always ready for a great adventure, that's why we have programs that run all year round. From kids to adults there is a little something for everyone and you will love being a part of our amazing programs! 


IBC Women's Winter Retreat


February 9 - 11

A collaborative mountain retreat. Use the intimate
nature of the winter season to tend to your soul.
Enjoy a collective offering of gifts from your sisters
and check in with your feminine force.

What do you need more of in your life, what do you need to let go of? This is simply a safe and creative space to
check in with your body, heart, mind, and soul.

Connect with women, stir up your creative flow, and
reflect on where you are in your life and how to move forward with grace and self love.

Sliding scale
$150-$120 (Includes meals)

IBC Women's Winter Retreat
from 120.00
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Mountain Adventure Tours 

Summer 2018

There's a reason our most popular program, Mountain Adventure Tours (M.A.T.) has been running for 21 years.  It is the leading summer camp in Idaho for outdoor adventure education.  

Modeled on the idea of Enviro-tainment:  teaching kids important values and life skills through the use of entertaining activities within our environment, wilderness and community.

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How You Can Help


Idaho BaseCamp feels strongly about giving back to our communities and contributing to our wonderful environment.

We are always in need of great people who feel the same way about helping others. Volunteer with IBC if you're looking to deepen your connection with community, environment and self.  

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