Women's Winter Retreat

Women's Winter Retreat

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How it works: We will look to create a collaboration of creativity and offerings from attending women.  

We will begin with a skeleton schedule of the weekend flow.  If you have a gift that suits a certain time slot email whitney@idahobasecamp.org to sign up for it.  I invite you to get creative with where your offering fits in,  let us see the beauty of the unfolding as people bring their gifts to the table. We will ask that each woman take at least one shift preparing a meal and one shift cleaning up a meal. Some of us need to come and fully receive, some of us have something we’d like to share - tend to what YOU need and trust that the rest will fall delicately into place.

**Examples of offerings that were brought to the winter retreat were: Wild Art, Chakra Meditation, Archetypes and Courageous Conversation, Feng Shui for the Heart, and Photo Empowerment**

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