Mat Gershater

Mat is the founder of Mountain Adventure Tours and Idaho BaseCamp.  He has led the evolution of this organization and continues to grow the network of positive influence.  On any given day you will see Mat in the office, in the gear sheds or most likely up at Idaho BaseCamp. 


Joelle Rivetts

Joelle and Mat joined forces in 2003.  As the director of admissions and scheduling, she brings a sense of peace to all the parents signing their children up for Adventure Camp.   Joelle helps guide the  direction of the M.A.T. program to best represent our mission.


Jessie Armstrong (Jess-she)

Jessie is the director of Staff Development.  She has been part of the M.A.T. crew since the inception in 1998.  Jessie has a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Development and is the key to creating the best staff the M.A.T. has to offer.

Jesse Alan (Jess-he)

Jesse is has been with the M.A.T. staff for over a decade. He has a Masters in Education and brings the knowledge of outdoor adventure to the forefront of each outing.  He plays a strong role as a leader to new staff and guide to all campers. 

Whitney Mcnees

Whitney is the director of the M.A.T. videos.  She is a local professional video producer and the program director for IBC.  Whitney brings her creative, get it done attitude to all the camps she runs and every video that is produced each week at M.A.T.