Levels of Support

Little Lost: $100+

Big Lost: $250+

Watchtower: $500+

Super Man Mountain: $1000+

Bedstead: $2,500+

Borah: $5,000+


Trustee: $10,000 - $40,000 ($2,500-$10,000 annually for four years)


Trustees of Idaho BaseCamp make a contribution of at least $2,500 annually for a minimum of 4-years. Trustees may earmark their contributions to an existing IBC initiative (Tuition Assistance, Inclusion or Gear) or any other area of interest including support earmarked for a specific program (ex. our after-school programs). Trustees may also elect to deposit their annual contribution into the IBC's Endowment Fund for the Future. Our endowment fund supports the long-term financial health of our non-profit organization. Idaho BaseCamp's Board of Directors decides the best use of endowment funds.                

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee of Idaho BaseCamp, please contact the  Executive Director, Mat Gershater or by phone 208-720-1822.

Ways to donate

Tuition Assistance 

Our tuition assistance fund provides need-based financial assistance to local families making summer camp and outdoor adventure education a reality for their children. In 2016 AMOUNT MONEY was awarded to AMOUNT FAMILIES.  One of our goals is to make Idaho BaseCamp's experiences available to all kids in our local community.  We are thrilled to support all of the Wood River Valley's working families so that their children can participate. This is our largest need and we appreciate your support. A donation of $430 sends a child to summer camp for one week. 


Donate Your Old Vehicle: 

Gifting your old car to Idaho BaseCamp helps keep our own vehicle fleet up-to-date. In the past, we have used donated vehicles to shuttle gear and staff around. If the vehicle donated is not appropriate for our use, we sell it and use the proceeds to support a future vehicle purchase.


Business Sponsorship 

Do you have a product or service you would like to present to Idaho BaseCamp? The children of approx. 200 families participate in Academy programming annually. New families join every year. Our student population is a mix of 40% local and 60% visiting/2nd home owners. Our camp families love the outdoors and are committed to providing their children with a hefty dose of healthy outdoor adventure. If you would like to reach local families and promote an appropriate product or service you can do so through Sponsorship of Idaho BaseCamp.  Contact for more information.



Our facilities see a lot of use throughout the year and our gear can always use updating to keep kids warm, dry, and safe.  Retiring older equipment and purchasing new equipment every few years is an important component of our ability to offer a challenging yet safe environment for all students. Gear purchases include things like tents, sleeping bags/pads, cold weather clothes, and recreational equipment such as stand up paddle boards, kayaks etc.


Share your Talents 

We are always looking for ways to enrich the experience we offer at Idaho BaseCamp, for students and parents alike. If you have any ideas (or talents) you would like to share with our community we would love to talk with you. We love new ideas. Contact  for more information.